TAITRA offers more than 35,000 square meters of exhibits space, enough to host 1,919 standard booths. Why not use this outstanding space to stage your best shows, displays, concerts and other activities.

Exhibition Hall 1, ground floor showground
 This landmark structure is Taiwan's largest exhibition hall. This 23,500 square meters showground provides 1,300 standard exhibition booths. The Hall's exhibition facilities come with important conveniences such as a post office, bank, and restaurant. With the Hall having more than 80 shows each year, this site has the usage rate in the world.

Exhibition Hall 1, 2nd floor showground
 The 4,789 square meters showground provides 250 standard exhibition booths. When not being used for Taipei Int'l Trade Shows, this area is often leased for consumer and trade exhibitions, and other activities.

Exhibition Hall 3
 The 6,748 square meters showground provides space for up to 365 standard exhibition booths. Its upper levels offer parking space for 497 cars. Connected to the 101 Building, Grand Hyatt Hotel, and New York, New York Department, the site is ideal for various functions and shows.

Regulations for Leasing the Ground Floor
Rental Rates
Application Form
Regulations Governing Booth Decoration
Operation Rules
Letter of Commitment to Abide by Safety and Health
Rules Governing Decoration of the Event Venue
Guidelines for the Management of Safety and Health
List of Potential Hazards Prepared by the Lessee
List of Precautions against Potential Hazards Prepar
List of Precautions against Potential Hazards Prepar(Heavy)

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